10 Social Media Marketing and Promotional Tools

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From the past decade, social media has emerged as a powerful marketing tool. Now people can do marketing and advertise by using internet and social media like Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, twitter etc. But there’s cutthroat competition for attention across all social networks right now. In this situation you need all the help you can get to promote your content on social media and be noticed.

For the same purpose we are discussing top 10 social media marketing and promotional tools which are recommended by industry experts and marketing specialists, that are promised to supercharge your social media strategy.

  1. Buffer:

Buffer is a software application for the web and mobile, designed to queue and schedule social media updates on various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and App.Net). It also provides story suggestions and can be connected with various RSS feeds for easy sharing.

The free version of the application allows a maximum limit of 10 posts to be scheduled at any given time, and only allows the management of one social media account per social media website. Buffer for Business is an extension of the Buffer application intended for managing social media accounts for businesses and corporations.

  1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a social media management platform, created by Ryan Holmes. It Schedule posts across various social networks, set up feed streams to see what’s happening on different networks, and analyze the results. Companies and organizations known to use Hootsuite include Facebook, the Obama administration, HBO, Martha Stewart Media, Virgin Group, SXSW, Panasonic, Zappos and The Gap.

  1. Meet Edgar:

Once you complete an article and label it appropriately, Edgar shoots out the posts, based on the customized schedule. It re-shares old evergreen content and keeps the social media profiles fresh and drives more exposure for the posts.

With Edgar’s automation, one can re-use those past posts to make sure they don’t go waste and get seen by the more number of followers. That means more clicks through to the site – and it all happens automatically!

  1. Sprinklr:

Sprinklr is a social media management system for the enterprise. It provides social media marketing, social advertising, content management, collaboration, advocacy and social media monitoring for large brands like Nike, Microsoft and McDonald’s on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

  1. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is social media management tool and analytics software used for businesses to grow their social media presence. Sprout’s platform offers users the ability to integrate with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Zendesk, UserVoice, Feedly and Google Analytics.

Sprout enables teams and users to execute a social media marketing strategy by creating, scheduling and publishing content. It also offers engagement and publishing tools, brand monitoring, competitive insights and social CRM features.

  1. Bit.ly:

Bit.ly is a link management platform. It shortens a URL by transforming long URL strings into little ones. When you sign up on bit.ly which is free account, it will save your “bitlinks,” let you organize your bitlinks into “bundles,” and even track click analytics.

  1. Mention:

Mention is a handy tool that lets you monitor keywords across various sites. You can ask Mention to track references to your brand name or other specific keywords, and it will populate a feed with mentions from the web. Login with your social media account and Mention makes it easy to take action and respond to your brand/keyword which is mentioned.

  1. Agora Pulse:

Agora Pulse is also a social media marketing and promotional tool, it posts content according to schedule, track power of your social content, build meaningful relationships with customers. It supports the social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. It also re-queues and reschedules posts over and over and post to all social accounts.

  1. Rignite:

Rignite helps your company get more out of social media activity. Rignite makes it easy to showcase the power of the social media to win followers, increase income, improve responsiveness, and grow. As Rignite is a subscription-based service, it is fast and easy to implement so that you can begin making out customer relationships quickly as it enables you to easily manage social activity in one place.

  1. Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo lets you discover the “most shared content and key influencers” on the web. Search a keyword and see which related articles performed the best, complete with social media shares. There’s a perfectly useful free option, plus paid options, which add the ability to set up alerts, export data, and access content analysis and domain reports.

These are some of the Social Media Marketing and Promotional Tools which can improvise number of customer or followers / traffic on your social media pages, account or websites. Try these and easily manage, schedule content and engage more customers.

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