11 most expensive Indian movies!!!

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We Indians are crazy about cricket and movies.Though the way we play cricket hasn’t changed much, the ways of film making has changed a lot. With production houses pumping in more and more money than ever. Whether it involves a big star or the larger than life film sets, the movies these days have it all which are often quite heavy on the pockets of the producer. Here’s a list of 11 such “expensive movies”.



1. 2.0

Cost: 350 crores

This movie which is the sequel of the big blockbuster Ethiran(robot) is the most expensive film ever made in bollywood. Well, it incorporates the legendary Rajnikanth and khiladi kumar, Akshay kumar. A star combo deserves to be expensive.


2. Baahubali

Cost: 200 crores

This extremely popular and loved film has some astounding graphics which leaves the viewers mesmerized. Baahubali, the bi lingual epic of gargantuan proportions costs a whooping 200 crores. It owns a number of records including the Guinness World Record for the largest poster.


3. I

Cost: 180 crores

Director Shankar’s latest movie, “I” was shot at a mind boggling budget of 200 crores. This movie released both in tamil and hindi.


4. Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo

Cost: 180 crores

This Salman Khan starrer which brought back the magic of Suraj Barjatiya’s “Prem”, was as expensive as 180 crores. Well all those larger than life sets, costumes and jewellery must be quite expensive, isn’t it?


5. Dhoom 3

Cost: 175 crores

This third production of the dhoom series was not only high in action and drama but also in its cost. Made under Yashraj production, this movie is also one of the highest grossers of all times.


6.Bang Bang

Cost: 160 crores

This Indian adaptation of the hollywood flick ‘Knight and Day’ starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif had it all, from action to dance and romance. Hence, making it cost a whooping 160 crore.


7. Happy New Year

Cost: 150 crores

This multi starrer entertainer having Shahrukh as his big face was shot in a budget of 150 crores. You might not have liked the film, but it does indeed glitters as gold.



Cost: 140 crores

This super hit movie starring Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes revolves around the life of Devi Lal Singh or devil and his unique concept of getting ‘kicks’ in life. The bet on ‘Kick’ paid well resulting in the movie being a mega hit.


9. Enthiran(Robot)

Cost: 132 crores

The legendary Rajnikanth’s Enthiran was one of its kind. The movie starred Aishwarya Rai as well. It made place in the heart of his audience who are desperately waiting for its sequel to hit the screens.


10. Ra.One

Cost: 130 crores

This was a Shahrukh starrer super hero flick incorporating some amazing graphics and also a 3-Dimesional experience. This movie based on virtual reality was made under a production cost of 130 crores.

Ra One 2

11. Mughal-e-Azam

Cost:1.5 crores

This movie of 1960’s was made at a budget of 1.5 crores. It might a seem a little less but back then it was the costiliest movie made and therefore deserves a special mention.


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