6 Offbeat College Degrees Perfect For Entrepreneurs

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Have you always dreamt of being an entrepreneur, but wonder what qualifications do you need to be one? If you think you need to get an MBA, the good news is you’re wrong. It does not necessarily require to own an MBA degree to help you with entrepreneurial ventures.  Don’t think you have to major in something “obvious” to become a successful startup founder. You can leverage almost any degree to help you find success in the startup world, but it’s all in how you look at it — and which electives you take.


If you’re not the type of student who’ll find joy and success in a traditional business program, don’t force it. You’ll end up frustrated, and watching your classmates who are naturally a better fit for the program might feel overwhelming. Instead, match your degree to your skills and passions, with offbeat degrees that just might stoke your entrepreneurial spirit:

1. Theatre Arts

The constant task of any entrepreneur is to perform his best in front his employees, his investors, his customers and the stakeholders. Learning how to pitch, to speak in front of others and to control your charisma to get what you desire is a talent that can be curated in theater arts.


2. Physical Education

Physical education can teach you a sense of teamwork, endurance, ability to push yourself and also the way to lead. These are the qualities which can differentiate you from other entrepreneurs and can give you an edge over them. A degree in physical education is proof that you value challenges, have plenty of determination and of course are strong in competitive spirit. It may also teach you the way to cope up with failures and stay strong.

3. History

You know what they say about history: Learn from it, or be doomed to repeat it. Having major in history would make you an analyzer. Someone who can look into things with a different perspective. They are good at figuring out what went right or what went wrong. All of these skill sets are something that an entrepreneur can easily flaunt.

4. Engineering

In this digital era, when brick-and-mortar businesses are quickly giving way to e-commerce, any type of computer-related degree can be a huge perk for startups. Whether you’re designing an app or a website, handling SEO or some other tech-focused aspect of business, you’ll likely find that a tech-related degree will help you launch a business.

5. Music

Whether you learn an instrument or study music, you’ll find both of these majors greatly suitable for the entrepreneurial path. You’ll need incredible ambition and concentration to dedicate your life to such a passion, and that’s exactly what entrepreneurs do on a daily basis. Plus, numerous studies have shown that music positively impacts nearly every other part of your life, from your health to your job, so it’s a great booster for the startup world.

6. Theology

What do faith and business have in common? More than you think. Theology majors aren’t necessarily “religious” themselves, but they’re often open minded, curious and analytical; and they adore applying lessons and stories from the past to today’s situations. In other words, they’re fantastic leaders.


It’s not about what degree you have, but the skills you own. So, utilize what you can while you earn your degree and apply them accordingly to your startup. Become worth it, and everything else will follow.

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