7 Reasons to ditch Corporate world for a career at a Startup

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Wondering whether to continue your corporate job with lavish workstyle and lifestyle or want to do something new and different by starting up a new venture.

Life always stuck you in a situation where there are two ways. It is upto you to decide what is RIGHT for you or whether we can say what is BRIGHT for you because there is never a wrong way but there is always a wrong decision that led you to failure.

So, confuse between  whether to opt a corporate job or a startup, here are seven reasons that help you to choose the best among the two:-


1. BOREDOM:-   Its high time, if you are not happy with your ongoing lifestyle which revolves around a fix cubicle without even knowing what is happening on the adjacent cubicle.  While on the other hand Startup gives you the power of doing the work that excites you .


2. MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING:-  It takes a lot of guts to ditch a job that gives security to your family and opting for a job that is full of uncertanities. But it is a true saying that HAPPINESS COMES IN A SMALL PACKAGES.

As the work you do is really excites you not that money and than it gives a satisfaction that cannot be buy with money.


3. DOING INNOVATIVE STUFFS:- In a corporate job, a person do a similar type of job everyday that doesn’t need any creativity but working for a startup, you find yourself  in a problem that need to be solved innovatively.


4. APPRECIATION:- Working in a corporate job does not give the appereciation you deserved if you are a new one to this field but startup gives you a well-recognition to your work and a bundle of appreciation from your collegues because the work you do at a startup helps to build the venture.


5. BECOMING A RESPONSIBLE ONE:- At a stable environment, one can not have much responsibilities rather to responsible for your own work only.

But , A startup comes with huge responsibilities to build your venture from ground level to a well positioned successful venture.


6. SHARING IS CARING:- The environment in startups becoming like a small family which are oriented towards a same goal to make their startups a super successfull. So bonding grows as they together solve problems and share every burden.

But in corporate life , each and every individual has a pressure to perform extraordinary as compared to others and thus generates a sense of competition among them. Thus creating a stressed environment.


7. LIFE IS TO LIVE:- At last, there is only one life to fullfill your dreams so don’t wonder if it didn’t work or what happens in future. But gave it a chance to live your dream life because zindagi na milegi dobara…

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