7 Reasons to Ditch the Corporate World for a Career at a Startup

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breakfreeTo work in a cramped office or a cubicle everyday can be a heck of a job. Staring at the clock overhead as it seems to move in slow motion from 9 to 5 can be a real headache.

If you are one of those who have grown tired of working in the corporate world and are planning to ditch your job then here we have a few reasons you might find convincing to taking your foot forward in a career at a Startup.


1. Getting recognition

No matter which way you slice the corporation cake, working for a larger company pretty much means your work will likely go unrecognized for the majority of the time. This is especially true if you’re in an entry-level position.

On the other hand, working for a startup means that you no more have to be a slave to the grind that the corporate world dictates. You get a chance to create your own identity and receive instant recognition. The work you do at a startup helps to build the company, which means your elbow grease won’t go unnoticed.

2. Having more responsibility

Working at a startup is not as easy as it sounds, it comes with some great responsibilities. So, if responsibility gets your professional juices flowing, then working for a startup is the perfect fit for you.

However, having more responsibility also means more stress and more discipline. Startups don’t have room in the budget or the time to waste on employees who don’t contribute, which means every position comes with high expectations. But it could ultimately prove to be of large benefits in the long run.

3. Working as a family

Most startups begin small, which leaves plenty of room for you to know your coworkers at a personal level. Comfort among coworkers can be of great advantage. It gives boost to the team spirit. Knowing your fellow workers well will make you love what you work and it could also bring some unreal results in the favor of the company.

4. Learning to innovate

Working at a startup can teach you some great lessons which you might otherwise have never known. Startups are all about innovations and new ideas. If you choose to work for one, then you’ll immerse yourself in movers and shakers on a regular basis. If the startup is in the ground-up stages, chances are you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with the creators, founders and geniuses that are trying to change the business landscape.

5. Embracing new opportunities

Getting to work at a startup is itself an opportunity. However, it opens the gates for several other opportunities that are up for grabs. It can give you some unbeatable experiences and knowledge. From the people you meet and the innovators you work with to having your name attached to a company that’s growing, working for a startup means you’ll attain skills that you would never find in a corporate job with a cushy paycheck.

6. Giving way to your strengths

By taking on a position at a startup company, you can rest assured that your strengths as an employee will be put to work and appreciated day in and day out. You will also get a clear vision of your weaknesses. You might on the way also discover what you love and what you don’t. Highlighting your strengths and putting them to work isn’t only a great thing for your self-esteem, it’s a crucial part of what makes a startup a successful venture for everyone involved.

7. Raised income

Most startups start small, which means that you’ll likely to take a small pay-cut. But with the mentioned financial opportunities, working for a startup also means you have future financial opportunities. If you work hard and contribute to the success of the company, it is likely that you’ll result in hiked salary down the line. Which can be something that’s hard to come by in the corporate world.



There is really nothing more rewarding than building something from scratch and making it successful. So just prepare your mind for what your heart really wants.


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