9 Reasons to Choose a Corporate Job Over a Startup

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There is no doubt about the fact that the “startups” these days have a lot to offer and can be a lot more fun to work at. However, everything has its pros and cons and so does the career at a startup. They can be really stressful and challenging. This is where the “corporate jobs“come to rescue. Here we present 9 reasons why you can choose a corporate job over a startup:

1. All of the fun, None of the Stress

Working at the corporate world requires of you to do your job from 9-5 and then comes the salary at the end of every month. You need not worry about the financial profits or losses of the company. You should only be concerned about what you are asked to do and nothing more. On the other hand, working at a startup comes with a lot of stress. You are required to work really hard for the venture to flourish. With all the efforts, startups do not always guarantee success.

2. Teachings are everything

The Corporate World comes along with a lot of teachings and unusual experiences. You’ll work under successful entrepreneurs who have been through many ups and downs in life. This could be something you can learn from. A corporate job also gives you a sense of how the industry really works. You can always learn so much.

3. Know Discipline

Discipline is the way of life. By working at an MNC, you can lead a disciplined life. For starters, you’ll learn to value time. It also provides you with an ecosystem of sophistication. You can learn to be presentable. It largely enhances your personality.

4. Let’s be Innovative

Large MNC’s have thousand’s of employees working for them. In short thousands of brains and brainstorming of millions of innovative ideas. One idea builds on top of another, and a collection of innovative ideas creates a lasting impact on society. Knowing such ideas will make you understand the world better.

5. The long jump

The corporate world offers you to grow. You can always dream bigger and better and you can always take long jumps if you work for them. Startups on the other hand never guarantee anything. They can be a huge success as well as complete failures. Well, you don’t want to risk your careers?

6. It’s all about comfort

Working at an MNC is really safe and secure. You just need to sit in a cubicle at the office with all the things you need. From coffee to air-conditioner, you have it all. Some companies also provide pick and drop service to their employees. And you might also have the option to work from home. Do we need anything more?

7. Working in massive environment

With hundreds of employees working around, you always get the motivation to work harder. Also you might learn the way to treat others. This is a really expensive lesson to learn, not only in the corporate world but also in the real world.

8. Money always counts

Among all the benefits, greater capital benefits is a crucial one. Startups generally do not offer much money at the beginning. They can be beneficial sometime later, but there always remains a question mark. On the other hand, working with a large company comes with lots of money. Who would not want that?

By no means am I suggesting that startups aren’t a great experience from a career perspective. But consider corporate jobs as having equally compelling benefits to your career as you embark on your next job.


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