Advantages of Joining a Startup

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As exciting as it sounds, being a part of a startup is not just work but fun too. The startup culture is so in trend these days and may be you too are planning to be a part of a new age startup. And if not, then we might make you interested by listing these numerous advantages of joining a startup:

1. Great learnings:

A startup can be a great source of learning. It could help you to understand the the corporate world well, without being judged by anybody. It will give you a clear view of how things actually work in a company.

2. Be a part of defining architecture:

Since you will be there from the beginning, as the company grows, you can be part of designing the infrastructure and interaction between various areas of the product alongside with the product development itself.

3. Build confidence:

Working at a startup can really boost your confidence. It could greatly enhance you as a person. You’ll work in an environment where you too will have a say in various issues, this could make you bold and expressive.

4. Visibility with responsibility:

Even the tiniest ideas are heard and are genuinely discussed if they can be adopted. You can work on a product from its inception till the release which gives you sense of ownership. They are awesome places to work for people who like to see the changes reflecting instantly.

 5. Freedom and flexibility:

Startups are less concerned with working 9-to-5 and putting in face time than larger corporations. Get your work done and do it well, and the flexibility will be there.

6. A chance to make a change:

I know that sounds corny but it’s true! In a startup, you really have an opportunity to make a difference and be heard. In corporations, you are simply one of many and there is way more hoops to jump through to get your ideas realized. Startups are often founded by dynamic people who are open (and eager) for new ideas to breathe life into.

7. Diverse work day:

The problem with most 9-to-5 jobs is the robotic work schedule — come in, complete tasks, go home, rinse and repeat. The thrilling part of working for a startup is that each day is completely different. The clients you work with and the work you do for them varies, from day to day, minute to minute. Knowing that you won’t be bored is a huge selling point.

8. A serious sense of accomplishment:

When you work in a startup, the impact that you have is tremendous and quantifiable. In a corporation, you’re a speck of dust, just a mere cog in the machine. But when you are an integral gear that enables the machine to work effectively and efficiently, that’s a feeling that money can’t buy.

9. True professional growth:

At startup, you’ll likely do a wide variety of jobs which will give you a breadth of knowledge unlike most of your peers. You’ll get to explore various dimensions of the workplace.

10. Existential joy:

When you work at a startup, you will be offered more ownership over a product/business than what any corporation can provide. When you have complete ownership over something and can make it succeed, there are few things in this world that creates more joy and satisfaction. It’s true happiness.



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