Anshul Goenka and his Story…

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Interview with Anshul Goenka -Founder of Woofbnb.

“.I am anshula pet lover. I saw my family members and relatives living with pets and realised that there is a huge gap in the pet market. I did a study of 600 pet owners in Pune and analysed their profiles and issues they face with their pets. Pet owners often find it difficult to take care of their pets owing to busy work schedules and travel plans. Online platform Woofbnb has come to your rescue
Pune-based Anshul Goenka,is a young man in his 20’s who worked as a business consultant in London and with the Future Group in India before he launched Woofbnb, an online platform offering services and products for pet lovers and owners, last October.


As a kid he felt that kids have phases that they go through and with every growing year they want to be something new when they grow up “That is exactly how I used to think so,right from being an Astronaut to a Scientist I had thought of all the possible options.I wanted to explore and learn and then decide about what I really enjoy doing and I was sure that I would be good at that.I am a pet lover. “Said Anshul.

Coming for an Entrepreneurial family background running a business has always been a dream and goal for him. After completing his education there were many ideas that came to him but he was very clear about starting something that he believed in whole heartedly and had a passion for. Therefore,  he initiated Woofbnb.

”I had many ideas and cultivated a few of them into short term execution, but Woofbnb is my first serious business idea that I have been pursuing and will continue to do so.”

Goenka believes that as  an entrepreneur overcoming everyday challenges with patience and successfully is extremely satisfying and motivating. He believes that every entrepreneur is helping the world in some way or the other by addressing a gap in the market that exists. The idea that one is able to bridge that gap is also very motivating. It would surely not categorize as ‘Strange’ but we tried something interesting. All our employees or team members are ‘Woofbnb’ brand endorsers on social media and in their daily lives as most of them are proud pet owners/lovers, which tremendously helped the brand ‘Woofbnb’. We were able to build trust amongst our customers which is continuing to be a driving force.

On asking about the failures and lessons from it he said  “We are at a juncture where we constantly have to break things, innovate and find out what really works and what doesn’t, and in that processes we do encounter a lot of failures .I don’t take it to heart but I make sure I never forget about it. Everybody who has the capacity and opportunity to try something new has definitely encountered failure but what is more important is how we deal with the failure and how does one overcome it.”


Business Insightwoofbnb

Owning two pets , being a pet lover himself and also having a lot relatives and friends who are pet owners too. All would face the same problem of finding reliable pet services, be it finding someone to groom, walk or even sit when we would go out of the city.Since all of us were working it became difficult to dedicate time for our pets.Therefore the idea of Woofbnb came into existence. A one stop destination for all pet needs, delivered right at  home. Anshul  researched with over 600 pet owners in the city, collected quantitative and qualitative data and felt there was a huge gap in the market and through services provided by Woofbnb services so they could cater to this gap.

The USP of Woofbnb is that its an one stop solution for all pet care needs. The whole concept in itself is very unique where we focus on Convenient, Quality and Reliable pet services.

Talking  about company’s goals , he said “short term goals we are growing at 20% month on month and with recently launched verticals our projections in terms of acquiring more customers using our services look very good. In the long run we aim to promote Woofbnb as the leading player in the industry while delivering exceptional services for our customers .For long term we are already in talks with a few potential investors and are looking to raise fresh capital to be able to meet our expansion plans.

The company is working hard to grow  business and prepare for the dynamic industry changes. Dedication to seek new and innovative ways to add value to  customers through services with increased efficiency , is the vision of the company to establish itself successfully in next five years. As the economy continues to improve, company plans to readdress expansion plans as well.

Working Styles and culture


The culture of woofbnb stands on three words : Customer is King, Progression is a natural growth path, and Openness is freedom of expression.

“We keep adapting therefore there is nothing specific that I would want to change except we becoming a part of it and making things happen (In a positive way off course) .I would like to have more persistence and patience while achieving our goals.”Said Anshul

Fast, Efficient and focus on being resourcefulness and all the efforts are towards ensuring maximum customer satisfaction for Woofbnb.


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