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2017 saw the rise of various trends and practices in the field of web development. JavaScript rose to the top spot, AI integration to websites came into play, Cloud computing continued its dominant run and frameworks became the best friends of developers. One of the most viewed communities in India to find online programming courses and tutorials, helped over 3 million people to find their perfect course in 2017. Below are the few trends that summarized the year 2017 for, followed by a prediction for the year 2018.

Developers Age Group

25-34 age group, which consists of novice and expert programmers, dominates the programming field. The student age group of 18-24 which can be considered as the beginners’ group is catching up fast.


Even though the number of females in different fields is constantly increasing, the gender gap is still immense to ignore. While 2017 at saw a huge gender gap, it is expected that 2018 will see a larger chunk of female programmers move to the e-learning platform.

Developers Learning Devices

The Desktop is still the king of devices when it comes to online learning. While 81.8 percent of all visits to were from a desktop, smartphones take the second spot with just over 15 per cent. 2018 will see similar trends as the desktop will remain the unmatched ruler of devices when it comes to online learning courses and programmes.

Top Saved Tutorials lets programmers bookmark their favorite tutorials and courses to easily access them again. The ‘Android app Development by Stanford’ course was the top bookmarked course on the website followed by the ‘Learn Python the Hard Way’ course.

Top Sharing Platforms enables developers to share courses on social media websites. Facebook leads the way followed by LinkedIn and Twitter. 2018 can see the triumph of LinkedIn over Facebook and move on to the top spot.

Top Upvoted Tutorials

The ‘Learn Python the Hard Way’ tutorial was the most upvoted tutorial on followed by the ‘Android App Development by Stanford’. Android and Python can be expected to continue their dominance 2018.

Course Types

Developers prefer to learn from free courses over paid ones while video tutorials also saw a rise. Similar trends are expected to be seen in 2018.

Preferred Social Sign-in

2017 saw the dominance of Google over other platforms in terms of social sign-in. will be adding a GitHub sign-in option in 2018 and we can expect a tough competition between GitHub, Google, and Email.

Programming Buddy Enrolments launched the Programming Buddy feature for developers in April, 2017 to connect developers who are learning similar technologies at the same time. Programming buddy feature makes learning more engaging and fun.

While the year 2017 saw advancements such as wearables, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, drones, virtual reality, augmented reality and many other futuristic trends. 2018 is expected to uplift the current web development arena as more and more people are looking to make a career in programming. Cloud technology, Mixed Reality, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are the few technologies that are expected to rule 2018, while there is always room for some surprises. will keep adding features to help the programming community learn while making the process more fun and interactive.

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