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In the world of globalization and digitization, somewhere, even today when it comes to women, we as a world have not progressed significantly. The society is still male centric and women are still looking for a way to somehow raise their voice.

Fuzia (www.fuzia.com) is not just a platform which is giving women a platform to raise their voice, to showcase their creative expressions or to let the world know they are much more talented as otherwise perceived, it is allowing women all over the world their basic right of dreaming something so wonderful which might change their whole lives for once and all.

Vision and AIM

This social networking site run by women is a one of its kind site on the Internet today. Fuzia is a social media platform exclusively for women to learn, express and grow.
Founder, Riya Sinha from Palo Alto, California, is an enthusiastic young high school student & also a published writer. She was recently awarded the “Iconic Teen Entrepreneur and Innovator” award in the Women Economic Forum on November 2017 in Canada. Co-founder, Shraddha Varma, from Mumbai, is a confident and motivated leader who leads the global marketing and inspires the team to work with dedication and fervour. With a vision to bring the fusion of culture and ideas, what started as Fuzia Writing Club back in 2012, has now become a global platform helping girls and women pursue their dreams. Fuzia attempts to provide women a safe space for expression, interaction, commerce and other opportunities. Fuzia is free of online abuse and focuses solely on skill development and psychological, social and economical empowerment of women. It aims at creating a virtual talent pool of girls and women to inspire each other and improve their learning curve. The feature—’Fuzia Internships’—allows school and college students a genuine chance for earning ‘pocket-money’ while building their careers. Apart from Freelance work opportunities, Fuzia hosts multiple ‘contests’ related to different creative fields and many women post best of their work, they are awarded with magnanimous cash prizes, instant fame and an exquisite feeling for a lifetime. Fuzia believes that encouragement in all forms plays a vital role in the learning process. It is no wonder that within a short span of two years the site has earned a followership of over 3.5 million and over 10,000+ creative posts by thousands of creative Fuziaites. And it’s not just about the numbers but the bond within the Fuzia community, users feel like they belong, as Angela Hollen, a user from US noted—
It is so important that women have a safe place to share their art and express themselves with like-minded individuals. I have been looking for a community just like this for awhile and was thrilled to receive the invitation to join. I look forward to meeting you all in time. Best of luck to everyone.

The site is a favorite with women from all over the globe, users coming from both developing and developed countries feel at home. Fuzia unites the many voices that are often left unheard. Even though full of talent, women who lack opportunities, platforms and places that may foster learning and growth through experience. How easily we forget the fact that empty, unlearned criticism is easy. It’s the
creative process that actually takes time, energy and learning. The tremendously tough task our armchair critics burden themselves with is scrolling the screen and trolling those who take some real action and create something. At Fuzia, women build each other up instead of tearing apart. It is a community based on mutual trust, respect and love. The answer to idle trolling troubles and destructive criticism is Fuzia.

Inception and Business Impact

Here, a team of young, talented, ambitious and hardworking women try to create a space for these other creative women for uninhibited expression and learning. The very inception of the idea and the founding of Fuzia was quite serendipitous. Riya Sinha, was 11 years old and had written a short book Runaway Twins. After presenting the book in a local bookstore to a small group of children, a 6 year old girl came up to her and told how she was inspired to write a book too, and that Riya had made her realize her dream. This made her [Riya] think what if the girls or women around the country and the world could influence each other through their creative pursuits? And thus, the novel platform Fuzia was born – to bring fusion of cultures and ideas!




The vision did not stop at that, as it was found that the market is in need of such a platform, it was extended from the girl child to women in general. From providing creative space to women on the website, it extended to providing women employment as the site grew and continues to. This expansion happened
when Shraddha Varma (co-founder) joined hands with Riya in the task two and a half years ago. She put in all her energy in making sure that Fuzia reached the people who most needed it. Shraddha has been leading the global marketing along with the young, passionate and driven core team of Riya Kumar, Ria Singhal
and Sakshi Shrivastava. Fuzia also has a bunch of talented interns from across the globe who took the site as far as 35 countries in the world!




The Fuzia team adheres to the visions of the founders. They lay emphasis on the need to be dynamic and acting according to the needs of the market. Fuzia is now home to thousands of artists, designers, writers, photographers, YouTubers and many more. These women now have a platform that help amplify
their voices so their thoughts reach wider audience on a global scale. Fuzia is definitely a unique initiative which aims to redefine the meaning of Social Media for women who wish to build their own identity, learn, grow and become independent. It is a step in driving feminism and women empowerment.
WORK CULTURE This team of young, talented and active women aspire to reach new heights and continue to work with dedication. Work here is not merely an aggregate of tasks; it is a social responsibility to reach out to the farthest corners of the world and find untapped talent in women, and in the process provide many women employment opportunities. Their employment model is made flexible so that it could be pursued by students which might help them fund their own education. Thus, when you open a tab with Fuzia amidst the crowd of other social networking sites and apps, you don’t just open another source of entertainment that may help you kill time, you open a locus of hard work, creativity, encouragement, innovative ideas, social responsibility and, of course, fun. In Fuzia we remember, it is not only the product or services that we provide which matters to people, it is instead the experience we attempt to create. Fuzia is an experience and a place where every woman is given an opportunity to speak her mind freely. The racial, geographical and demographic divides fade when Fuzia empowers women through fusion of cultures and ideas. To join Fuzia, you may sign up on www.fuzia.com!

CREDITS: Priyanka Singh, Sakshi Srivastava and Divya Jain

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