Getmyuni- The idea of a student, for a student

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Education is the sculptor of minds and narrator of futures. Students have been gaining knowledge in different fields and learning new arts, pursuing education for thousands of years now. Even before defined boundaries ruled notebooks and concrete walls confined young minds, education thrived on impressionable stone and blank leaves. But I think it’s understood that education what it was before. With the rising competition, students are troubled with the pressure of doing well in the field they choose.

There are about a million colleges and universities out there, with thousands of courses and related entrance exams like UPTU; once students complete their secondary education, finding a passion and pursuing further education in it is more daunting than it ever was. So the student of today relies solely on their research and better judgment before joining a college. This is a time-consuming task and more often than not leads to regret of making the wrong choice. But what if there was a way of doing the right research and making the right choice without wasting a lot of time? The answer is Upneet Grover and Hardik Thakkar’s start-up GetMyUni.

GetMyUni is a Times Internet Backed Ed Tech startup. The site gives students access to comprehensive college information, data points, student given ratings, reviews, forums and a student connect platform.

The Idea behind Getmyuni

Upneet and Hardik were friends since the time they worked at Infosys. Both of them were aspiring to pursue their higher education, but much like the students of today, they were faced with the problem of finding the right information despite extensive research. There weren’t many reliable sources which would help them make an informed decision. That’s why in 2014 they decided to make a social search platform for colleges. And by 2015 their idea materialized into Getmyuni.

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The Beginnings are Always Tough

Start-ups are always a risky affair. You have to give it your hundred percent and still hope for luck to side with you. So our founders where daunted with the same fears as any other founder. They had to manage their finances, convinced colleges to partner with them, and keep the business running. But what they define as their biggest struggle in an interview is curating the right information for the portal. There were bits of info available online, but the larger sum of it was obtained by contacting the connections the founders had. Once this was handled, the next goal was to create a social connecting platform for students so that they can speak to their peers directly, and not have to face the same doubts the founders once did!

The handled this problem with skill and flair. They created a student ambassador program. This got them great word of the mouth marketing, and soon a lot of students started writing unbiased reviews about colleges and programs on the site. Sharing their insights with fellow students who might be looking into the college.

Funding Received!

TLABS accelerator program funds promising start-ups. By June 2015, Getyuni had enough traffic and made it into the TLABS program’s August batch, receiving a funding of $50,000.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Having started with just about 5-6 employees, Getmyni today has about 150+ employees, a revenue run rate of 10 Lakhs, and 40,000 reviews of 11,000 colleges. They receive a traffic of around 8 Million per month, and an Alexa rating of 2100.

The Founders Quotes

In an interview with Yourstory, Upneet says, “We aim to build the strongest college recommendation tool. We believe that currently a lot of students are being misguided by offline consultants to suit themselves, and if there is a fair portal, which bases a student’s background, marks and abilities, using advanced algorithms, to present them with the right set of college recommendations, that product will be a super success,”

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