How a $20 million Construction Company Able to Survive During Recession

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Thousands of small businesses open every day across the globe and though it’s outstanding enough to start out any new business but there are very few who initiate innovative approach which is expected from a business. This outstanding story of a tiny business that handled the stress of the market and pushed through difficult economic times and excelled despite their circumstances.


Artistic Finishes, Inc.

Recent recession placed a strain on several industries and also the housing industry (Construction Industry) was among those which got affected the most. One aggressive little business primarily based out of Roseville, MN became a far larger business after they discovered that home builders had a requirement for pre-finished hardwood flooring.

Builders were antecedently forced to travel through 2 companies—one for the material and one for finishing. Then the flooring fabricators were forced to retool and rethink their business once the housing bubble popped. Disabled by the crash, Artistic’s revenues were dropped by half, from $20 million to $10 million, in just 2 years.

But they were able to realize their approach through the recession by trimming producing prices and providing a direct-to-customer product, decreasing shipping and process prices.  Creatively navigated through one among the worst storms the home-building company has seen in a long-standing and learned a way to thrive once more.


What they do

Artistic Finishes creates custom floor moldings and accessories for the flooring skilled. They tend to be a buddy that you just will trust to deliver all of your moldings and accessories on time and on budget.


How they do

They create what you would like. This is often evident in business from the product’s advanced production method, color mixing and finishing prowess, they have a tendency to treat customers, even providing an innovative on-line ordering choice. Dedication to these areas makes United States the dependable selection for flooring needs.

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