How Avenue Growth is helping young companies to grow

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How Avenue Growth is helping young companies to grow faster and better

Avenue Growth is India’s largest Sales-as-a-Service platform with its active sales services in more than 500 cities, and PAN India coverage. The company’s current employee strength is 10,000 in total, which is remarkably high since the company is just 2 years old.

The concept of sales outsourcing is quite popular in developed economies like the US, UK and Germany where the business owners earn voluminous sales benefits via sales outsourcing, while this concept is somewhat new in India. Avenue Growth’s core aim is to provide highly feasible and cost-efficient sales solution to the start-ups or SMEs which are struggling on the ground to generate more sales for their business.

Why does India need to put with sales outsourcing like the other developed economies?

For any organization whether small or big sales play a pivotal role in the success of the business. For the regular incoming business company’s selling mechanism has to be very clear and strategic as well. If we talk about the huge success of India’s supermarket Big Bazaar, there are noticeable evidence of their remarkable sales and marketing strategy that revolves across the country. Hence to bridge the gap between the customer’s need and products/services a profit-driven sales strategy is needed to pull out.

India is the biggest marketplace for MNCs to earn hefty revenues, especially for China who earns high marginal benefit during India’s biggest festival Diwali by selling cheap decorative lights, wall hangings and other decorative stuff.

India is a pool of an infinite number of opportunities for people with creative and innovative ideas, being the second most populated nation almost everything is sellable here.

The perks of opening a business in India is that whatever you produce there are N number of people here ready to consume your products/services if the idea is pitched rightly.

From handloom to Indian grocery store like Patanjali to tech companies like Paytm India is seeing rising high on their made in India wave, but do all the Indians coming up in the market with their own businesses progress like Patanjali or Paytm?

The answer might sound a bit surprising but almost 90% of the businesses coming into the Indian market fails down within a year of their operation. Only a handful of them survives while the rest of the others flunk mid-way.

The reason behind this early failure of startups in India is that mostly these young companies coming into existence lack strategic sales paradigm and runs on very limited funds which is why the company struggle to receive business and lost mid-way.

How Avenue Growth’s sales services are helpful for India’s startup and other SMEs?

Cost efficient and sales driven pricing solution: The company has a definite price policy i.e. they only charge for acquired customers, no other hidden costs are involved in Avenue Growth’s sales outsourcing platform.

Effective Market Trials approach: In order to provide their customers with unmatched scalability experience the company provides companies to explore new markets without spending on recruitment and training processes.

Increased sales paradigm with the association of Growth Specialists: The company has highly professional and experienced sales professional teams with them on bench and on remote locations as well. Hence, the geographical limitation is no longer a barrier here.

Real-time feedback with Online Dashboard integration: The company provides seamless integration to follow Growth Specialist’s progress report and gather valuable market insights through integrated dashboards.


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