How to get a raise without asking for it?

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Are you working? Yes. For what purpose are you working- name, fame, status or money? Above all reasons, money is the core factor which encourages person to work. It is only money which mostly works as a motivational factor to perform well in job and to continue it. Everyone works hard throughout the year to get better position and decent increment, but it depends on various factors and every time it is not necessary you get success. Sometimes you feel awkward for asking a raise, despite of the factor that you worked hard. So, a question arises in mind that, are there any ways to get a respectable increment without asking for it? If yes! What could they be? Here could be some of the answers:

  1. Prove your worth:

In present scenario, hard work alone can’t turn the table. But when hard work molds into smart work, you can triumph any situation. You should be the go-to person on a specific matter and should possess skills that are unique and indispensable. Also try to become updated with the latest skills. Expertise the field in which you are working and also don’t forget to showcase your skills at the right moment.

  1. Endorsement can boost your chances:

Having friendly relation with coworkers is good, but there should be someone who can lead and promote you into the lime light in front of superiors. If someone can advocate for you and project your values and your worth, to the appraiser, then this endorsement will surely help you in getting better hike as well as promotion. It is said by Bob Proctor “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”

  1. Tread the extra mile:

Take up things that no one wants to do. It will give you a chance to prove your potential, zeal to do work and finally outshine you in front of your boss. Try to accept responsibilities and be accountable for your results. Such an effort will never go unnoticed as you are going that extra mile for the company’s sake. In the long run it will assist you to reach your financial goals without asking for it.

  1. Become Boss’s dream employee:

Having cordial relations with your boss encourages him to guide you and providing you the environment to flourish. In response to this give him a bit more credit and show gratitude for guidance imparted by him. A happy boss would always want you to continue on their team forever. This will lead him to recommend you voluntarily for promotions and raises. But it should not be so obsequious.

  1. Make yourself irreplaceable:

As it is said that “Nobody is indispensable and almost everybody is irreplaceable”, but you have to make yourself irreplaceable and then only you will be able to get whatever you ask for. You have to increase dependency on you and this will make you stand out in the crowd. If your boss realizes that when you leave, the productivity of the team will go down, then your job is highly secured and more than that he will do every possible thing to make you stay in his company.

These steps surely increases your chances for getting handsome hike in your pay, but it is also dependent on several other factors like company’s financial state, economical condition of market and policies changes made by government etc. Lastly, just to end I would like to say “To get the best, do your best”.

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