How to start a Food Truck?

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Starting of business needs a well-planned idea, hard work, futuristic approach and interest in the idea. If you are having an interest in serving food to people and quenching there tummies so starting a food business could take you places but the biggest hurdle now ascends is to find a place to open a shop, besides this due to financial restrictions, a rented shop can add to additional expenses. The solution here to make your dream of cooking and earning come true is to start a food truck which eliminates the necessity of renting a shop and save lot of money. Here are some thoughtful steps which you have to keep in mind before starting a food truck:

  1. Design of Truck:

Evidently design of a food truck is an important aspect to take care if you are starting a food truck. There are many food truck designers who are providing customized trucks according to your need. Since a basic food truck will cost you in some lakhs, a customized one will be more expensive. Basic truck remodeling is a good option to install a kitchen, as it is more economical way, so plan well.

  1. Equipment needed:

Depending on the variety of food you would be serving and delivering, the equipment requirement also varies. You need to consider the budget, space requirements, utility, power consumption, and ease of cleaning before choosing equipment. So, selection of utensils and equipment should be done sensibly as this may help you in the long run.

  1. Location:

Location plays a vital role in success of your food truck. One has to do proper survey, before placing the food truck. You need to be aware of the spending habits of the locality and the crowd in the area.

  1. Eating habits of the locality:

Food truck success also depends on eating habits of people. You should do a proper research for the taste of the people in the surrounding localities. For example, near colleges, it’s better to have snacks like sandwiches, juice, ice-creams, etc. but for offices, it would be better to have tea, coffee and lunch items.

  1. Serving time:

Planning the service timings is also crucial. In morning you can start with breakfast, in afternoon serve lunch and in evening serve dinner. Variety of food served can depend on the location of food truck.

  1. Budget:

If whole planning is done but finance is not handled diligently then it could be a disaster. Pricing, maintaining profitability and expanding business in the long run can prove to be pivotal points.

  1. Variety of food:

If you are opening a food truck but stick to limited variety in menu, this could hamper the count of customers attracted to your food truck. Food menu should be detailed and include prices too. But overall variety, taste, price and marketing of business can lead to the pathway of success.

  1. License:

Some legal formalities are also needed before opening a food business. Firstly you have to take Food Business Operating License or Shop and Establishment license from FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India). Then, you will need to license your food truck as a commercial vehicle from the RTO of your city. Once this is out of the way, you will need a license from the fire department stating that you comply with their fire safety guidelines. The last formality you’ll need to attend to is the insurance of your truck and kitchen equipment.

By considering the above steps, surely you will be able to make your dream a reality of having a food truck. Hope so this article helps you to get your dream food truck up and running.

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