Interview With Anshul Sharma – Founder Fluper

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A Brief Summary of Your Startup

Hey! My name is Anshul Sharma, and I am a Co-Founder & CEO at Fluper. We are a #1 Mobile App Development Company based in India, USA, UAE, and UK. 

At Fluper, we offer custom mobile app development services to clients in diverse industries and businesses from small startups to big brands. 

We offer seamless solutions including developing custom web apps, mobile apps, AR/VR, Games and emerging technologies like, IoT development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and a lot more. 

Why and How Did You Start Your Company?

The story began in 2013 when we initiated as an Online Technical Forum known as Fluper Tech Forum where we were catering to interface with innovative minds and making everybody aware of the numerous technological releases taking place all over the world. But we were still away from the Indian market. All the technical weak points of Indian IT business put into the forefront to make it more well-known.

With the huge success from Fluper Tech Forum, we started Fluper Technologies as a business venture in 2014 as a Creative firm.

In 2015, with constant growth, we directed towards the execution of innovative ideas to change a regular process. Gradually we undergo web design and mobile app development services while resisting various challenges.

By setting a landmark in the IT era, Fluper as a web design and development firm has transformed into Fluper Limited with the added expansion of our services. After entering into the business of mobile app designs and Web App development, we have transformed with the pace of time and technology.

What Has Been Your Biggest Success Factors

We established our company from nothing. Yes, Fluper Ltd is a 100% organically bootstrapped organization. We built Fluper through hard work, commitment and dedication. 

Since the foundation, our goal is to create and enhance our brand value as well as recognition. 

We would also reach out to thousands of individuals every day via emails, and as time goes on, we started getting a few competent leads that direct to customers. Those were the leads that allowed us to grow our business. 

We would brainstorm as well as understand the approaches to offer value to grow our clientele, portfolio, trust and reliability in this over-saturated marketplace. 

We also attended many local events in India, the USA, UAE and UK to connect with potential clients and prospects. Reaching out to native businesses digitally and in-person helped us create impetus, provide us a countenance, and build an existence around our native area. 

Once we had a handful of projects after the first six months, we choose to boost our web portal and begin marketing it. We build our site; set up the social media channels, and started posting valuable and perceptive blogs all the week, and socializing them. 

I tend to research, read, and talk for some hours with my acquaintances and professionals, trying to know about the new technologies and tools. This helps me to make me acquainted and familiar with the process of Mobile App Development and a lot more. 

What Are the Biggest Challenges You Have Faced Launching And Running The Company

Being an entrepreneur is not so simple. You have to make a bunch of sacrifices and battle your way through several toughest obstacles to see your industry flourish. We haven’t a great idea about entrepreneurship when we established, but we learned things via tons of error, trial, and consistent struggle.

Not knowing something about how to create a business was the major concern for us. Yet, as I look back now, I should say it was really a blessing.

I literally have put my blood, sweat, and tears into building the organization. The physical, emotional, and mental struggles that we’ve faced were crucial to our achievement, but I persevered and never gave up. 

Which Do You Think Is Most Important: The Right Market, The Right Product, Or The Right Team?

I must say all of them are evenly imperative. You will need the right place and team to build the right product and the correct market to sell your product as well as services. 

But especially, I think having a bright mindset is really a need. Being an entrepreneur is not actually simple. You have to make various sacrifices and battle your way via a few of the strongest obstacles to see your business grow. 

We didn’t know very much about business or entrepreneurship when we initiated, but with the accurate mindset and dedication, we learned lots of things and performed a lot of trials as well as errors to achieve a World No. 1 place.

Final Words For Those Chasing The Startup Dream

For people who’ve their own startup dream, I would love to share this:

Ensure your idea is impressive that reflects what you are actually great at, i.e. your capabilities, skillset, and qualities. In particular, it needs to mirror your life’s motivation, and as I would see it, your motivation ought to be driven and determined by your passion.

Do set up for a colossal assignment list, obviously, this should come after you have made a very much idea out the business plan, strategy, and guarantee you finish and execute each errand in turn.

As business visionaries, you would need to complete a thousand things without a moment’s delay, and ordinarily, it turns out to be overpowering to the point that you see an Mt. Everest of problems and assignments to finish that turns out to be inconceivably distressing.

In this way, to uncluttered your psyche, and take it each assignment in turn, and each day in turn. Ensure you set objectives for you and your group to accomplish and make week by week undertakings that are realistic to be finished.

As you begin to see growth inside, you will begin to see the growth remotely, for example, finalizing new deals, creating new leads, assembling long haul connections, and scaling the business.

You can see our business website to know more about our services and our journey so far.

Author Bio

Anshul Sharma is a person and technologist behind an Award-Winning Mobile App Development Agency – Fluper. Being a successful leader, he believes to work smarter than work harder. Anshul have eminent skills and abilities that can help any business to boost its profits. He also love to write about new technologiers and innovations that can help people to know and make them updated with the latest trends in tech domain. 

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