Interview with Karim Ghassan – Founder Kidzapp

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Kidzapp: How a dad’s lack of ideas for the weekend designed a startup


You know those early Friday mornings where your kids jump up and down your bed begging you to take them somewhere newand exciting, but you find yourself scratching your head? Well, those days are long gone with Kidzapp – a cutting-edge app empowering your family to discover kid friendly activities around town right at your fingertips.


Hours of brainstorming and barrels of coffee 

Karim had completed his Masters and was doing great at his job. Soon his family grew and almost every weekend his kids urged him to take them for breakfast, to thepark or the zoo, and he found that there was no one place where he could search for family activities. This is whena bulb went off Karim’s head to create a hub that curated the most exciting and fascinating places to go with your kids.He started digging into the concept of family-activity-planning and their needs. Needless to say, therewas no shortage of travel agencies and the likes, but Karim wanted to narrow it down to the activities focusedon kids, making planning easy for parents.


It surely wasn’t an easyundertaking for Karim as he wasmanaging his normal day job and self-funding the startup at the same time, but he gradually learned the ropes. He was confident of the idea and hustled on with the ambitious project. With a good mix of developers and content wizardsfiddling with various suggestions, they set out to pursue a shared vision.


Helping moms and dads

The beauty of a small businessis that it can interact with itsaudienceon a closer level and provide them with customized options. This is what Kidzapp is proud to say is one of their core pillars and the direct feedback from their parent audience continues to fuel its development. The startup is powered by real parents and family-activity experts and thus laying out the ground based on actual experience.Under one roof, families cansearch or discover new experiences in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other trendy cities, plus find information and reviews for these experiences. Whether you are looking to join the superheroes at IMG Worlds of Adventure, tour Global Village or book a family brunch, Kidzapp covers a wide range of categories that keep every kind of child from 0 to 16 years old in mind.


Focusing on perfectly-tailored family trips

When you browse Kidzapp’s website or mobile application,it offersthe best kid friendly activities, events, and restaurants around the UAE and Egypt. Kidzapp has handpicked a team of executives and explorers who are willing to go the extra mile for curating the most wonderful experiences. Providing in-depth information on its listed activities, Kidzapp saves you time and money, and most importantly, ensures that everything is designed around the unique needs and preferences of your family.


A complete resource on your kids’ entertainment

The launch of Kidzapp had been a greatsuccessandKarim was thrilled that he finally had his dream molded into concrete. But after the startup flourished and gained a loyal customer base, Karim wanted to push his limits and explore even further. This is when Kidzapp started a resourceful blog page to share useful information from arts & crafts, health & nutrition to parenting.


The big deal

As every parent knows,planning your weekends with the kidscan be overwhelming. This is where Kidzapp has stepped in and provided parents with a handy tool to search for experiences around town. And with the app’sextensive filters and details of timing, location, map guidance and more, it is no surprise, that Kidzapp has had a flurry of downloads.


The best is yet to come

Filtering through all the noise, Kidzapp aims to bring convenience and happiness to families all over. And with an ever-dedicated team, you are sure to see more useful tools for mom and dad in the near future. 

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