Most crazy and unique startups in India

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Here what makes the sense most crazy and unique startups?? Anyone have any idea ..No!! Here the most crazy and unique startups means the startups that fulfil needs that you didn’t even realize you had. These startups are quirky, zany, and are solving some very unusual problems. We trawled the length and the breadth of the Indian startup ecosystem to find out the most outlandish startup ideas that are being worked on. Lets have a look of some of them…

1. ThinkScream:


ThinkScream-Connect harnesses the power of WiFi Networks to enhance user experience. Be it malls, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals or any local retail outlet, they connect businesses to their customers with their Personalised WebApps & WiFi Network solutions.The custom-built WebApps and tools make users an active part of the place. They can perform most of the basic tasks without any hassle or having to wait. Above all, a user can Connect. Connect to the locale. Connect with other customers. Connect to the World.

ThinkScream-Proximity uses RFID technology to provide custom built solutions to integrate and streamline various processes at Consumer Retail outlets, events, concerts and other places.

2. Wanted Umbrella:


Wanted Umbrella is India’s very own urban match-making agency for the purpose of matrimony. They specialize in differently-abled people and other special cases. It is a professional agency which aims to provide safe and innovative platform to every member joining them through curated events & group dinner meetings so that they can connect to the like-minded for the purpose of marriage.

Wanted Umbrella was founded to explore an opportunity for all its members from different backgrounds and professions to meet at a platform created specifically to put them at ease and interact with like-minded people without biases or prejudices. They focus on creating memorable experiences through curated events designed to facilitate conversations outside the virtual world. They want to provide their members with a choice to meet selective people in a safe environment and spend an exciting evening by talking about their experiences, travel, books and much more than scan through million profiles with the limited time available.

3. Bark n Bond:

bark n bond

Pranita Balar, a certified Canine Consultant & Dognition Evaluator, is on a mission to strengthen the bond that people share with their pets that holds the potential to be one of the most loving and fulfilling relationships.

Sidestepping the traditional dog training methods, Pranita relies on Positive Training methods, which inculcate cooperation, consistency and positive reinforcement. These methods help enhance the behaviour of dogs, while also ensuring that they have a whole lot of fun along the way – by learning various dog tricks. Bark n Bond provides you services like Puppy Consultation, Basic Obedience Training, Toilet Training, Dog Tricks and Pet Camp.

4. Feeding India:


Hunger kills more people in India every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. It’s shocking and sad to know that hunger is the leading cause of deaths in our country. At the same time, did you know that 40% of food goes waste in India and is enough to feed one third of the poor. Can you connect the dots? Does it ring a bell? What we call food wastage is food security for others.

‘Feeding India’ is a not-for-profit social enterprise which aims to connect two major social problems today: Hunger and Food waste as a solution for each other. They tackle these by channelizing excess food from individuals, weddings, restaurants, corporate offices to the people who really need it and have no means or access food. Their belief is that we do not need to create new food to feed the less privileged, but to simply direct the extra food which is already created. They also tackle the problem at its roots, where they encourage people not to waste food at all.

5. Your DOST:



YourDOST is a platform that allows you to connect with experts to discuss issues related to your personal, professional and academic life. The professionally trained counsellors help you cope with tough times – work stress, relationship, self-image and many more, and support you in your quest for self improvement.

Connect with YourDOST today to understand your emotions, learn self-help techniques, talk to caring experts anytime and feel good!

6. Better Brains:


Simply put, Better Brains is a gym for your brain. Whether your goal is to improve your focus, boost your memory, or to have fun while keeping your mind active, Better Brains can help you enhance your mental performance

Better Brains is the world’s first fitness center that offers specially designed programs to exercise your brain. Better Brains has crafted brain science into a fun, immersive, and social experience. The fitness programs are holistic and integrate many activities, including neurobics, physical exercises, yoga, meditation, nutritional counseling, and more. The result: A better brain. A better life. A better you.

7. Helpusgreen:


Two friends in Kanpur were shocked by the amount of flowers that are dumped into the Ganges every single day, choking the river with pesticides and chemical fertilisers. They started collecting the flowers from temples and mosques in the city, and turned them into some brilliant eco-friendly products.

At helpusgreen they collect these flowers and recycle them into awesome – bio fertilizer, Incense, bathing bars etc. Helpusgreen products not just reduce the flower waste but bring a bit of divine your home. Helpusgreen is a step towards pollution free rivers.

8. How To Tell Your Child:


It’s not rare for parents to have the heebie-jeebies before telling their young ones about the birds and bees. Add to the awkwardness is a conversation about sexual abuse, and challenges of puberty (remember the conversation your mum had about “becoming a woman”?) The Startup “How To Tell Your Child” makes fun videos to educate your child about serious but rather awkward topics in a fun, informative, and less awkward way.

9. The Dress Bank:


What if you wanted to wear a fancy, expensive dress to an event but didn’t want to shell out a bomb for one occasion? Or you owned a really pricy wedding dress that hasn’t seen the light of the day since the wedding? Help is at hand. The Dress Bank lets you lend and borrow garments, right from designer and branded party wear to casual ones, all at a nominal price. ( Usually 10% of the retail value.)

10. India Bongs:


Buy Bongs Online in India. India Bongs is India’s largest online store to buy for complete set of best chillum, hookah and glass chillam online in India with cheap price. They have wide range of stylish bongs. They also have massive collection of glass bongs and pipes from some of the worlds premier manufacturers.

11. The Happy Feet: 


“They will rub, tug, bang, tweak & pull your feet out of that high-heel abuse, run-on-the-treadmill after-effect, the inevitable i’ll-hold-your-shopping-bags-and-walk-around-with-you-honey situation or i-traveled-a-lot-on-business mode or simply-walked-around-a-lot-today status.”  Their mission is to give you a solid foot rub! They provide pedicures and foot massages at your door step.

Today, The Happy Feet is the brand the provides feet care services in the comfort of one’s home or office via a call. Later, The Happy Feet becomes the platform that provides wellness services at home or office via a Click.

12. Moksh Shil:


They as Mokshshil are always there for people who have lost their near and dear ones. They will help and support you in your critical and emotional moments.

It is the mission of Mokshshil to facilitate a meaningful way for a family to grieve their loss and also celebrate the life and memories of their loved one. They will provide information, guidance and a range of options to fulfill this and do so diligently, with the highest level of attention, courtesy and compassion.

Their aim is to provide a very high end service to cater for the changing and demanding requirements that are necessary to service the families that have suffered a bereavement. Whether you choose their simple funeral package or their all-inclusive package, you can be assured that they will remain seamless in their service to you at every stage.

13. OyeHappy:


Ever wonder how to give surprises to your near and dear, OyeHappy is a startup that aims to make you and your dear ones happy with surprises.

So, If you are in mood to surprise anyone on any special occasion, then don’t forget to tune into  Create surprises, make your near and dear ones delighted with a bit of happiness dose from the successful start-up that operates on one motto- Happiness!

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