Start Preparation for CAT from first year

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What is CAT ?

CAT is a Common Admission Test conducted by IIMs to get admission in thier management programs,CAT is a national wide online test .Before 2009 it was offline test. From 2009 onwards CAT was conducting in online mode.

First you have to concentrate on your present studies . Try to get good percentage in your academics that will be a added advantage to you in the admission procedure if IIMs.

you have to do practice on Quantitative ability,logical reasoning ,aptitude etc.

Important key points for CAT exam:

>> Keep on and on practice, practice only help you to get good marks in CAT exam ,because it is a online Test.

>> If you are passionate about doing MBA, then you are halfway in the process. It takes a lot of passion and determination for one to reach, where they wanted to be;

>>Planning is very essential for the preparation of CAT. start with collecting information about the CAT preparation material; enquire about the CAT coaching institutions if you think you need it. There are plenty of good coaching institutions; you can choose one, by the quality of coaching they provide. A systematic approach will help you with gauging, where you stand towards your goal.

>> Once decided, start working towards that goal. You may start slowly but increase the pace of your preparation as the time pass; being consistent in your preparation is quite crucial. You should start discovering the areas, where you are strong and where there is a room for improvement. You must make your stronger area into the strongest and work towards improving the weaker sections. Always keep yourself motivated

>>Do not stress yourself, by studying all the time. Over dosage often, kills. Hence, it is better to prepare at the pace, which would be working best for you.

>>A suggestion would be that you start with understanding the concepts of the areas to be tested, followed by speeding up the process, through such processes, you can quickly get to results! Do not let go your passion at any cause.

CAT exam pattern:

CAT has two sections.

  1. Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation
  2. Verbal ability and Logical Reasoning

These two sections will be implemented sequentially with separate time limits. Duration of Exam is 140 minutes. you have 70 minutes to answer 30 questions within each section you can review your answers only in give 70 minutes you won’t get any Extra time for that section. Once you move on to the second section you will no longer be able to go back to First .

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