Startup-Friendly PDF to Excel Online Tool.

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The majority of startups face serious hardship, especially at the beginning, and for the people who’re trying to lift their ideas from the ground, saving money wherever they can is an important part of success.Of course, there are numerous ways to achieve that, and today we’re going to focus on a small, but valuable part for all those who dabble with digital technologies.

The main characters of this article are two heavily used file formats, the Portable Document Format (PDF), and Microsoft’s Excel. Firstly we will clarify their use and attributes, and later exactly how they are connected.

The PDF is used world-wide for sharing of significant electronic documents, because of its wondrous ability to be viewed on every device (computer, tablet, smartphone), and on every operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux etc), exactly as they were created, a trait which is utterly unique to the PDF. So, to simplify, other file formats get converted to PDF when there is a desire to send the file to someone else, and we want to be absolutely certain that the receiver will be able to view the file in its entirety.

On the other side of the coin, Excel is without a doubt one of the most globally used software solutions, and because of its versatile nature it can be of tremendous help for an insanely big number of different business professionals, scholars and students.

So, if we want to make sure that the person who receives the file will get it perfectly, we need to convert the Excel file to PDF before the sending (that can be done by saving the project in PDF form in Excel itself).But because the PDFs are read-only files, absolutely no changes can be made to them, without the use of specially designed programs and tools.

PDF to Excel offers a quick solution to this tricky issue, and best of all it doesn’t cost a thing. One of the thing that make this tool even more appealing is that there is no login or any kind of user information required, so the entire process is very private and expeditive.


The first step is to upload the document. That can be done either from your hard-drive, or from cloud services Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.



The process will shown like on the picture above, and the time needed for the tool to finish is around one minute for standard-sized PDF files.


When the conversion is complete, the “Free Download” button will present itself in the lower right part of the screen. Click on it, and save the Excel file on your computer. This tool can also be used on smartphones and tablets, which is more than useful if you are on the move.

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