Startup Ideas which are Fundable

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Startup! Do you want to start a startup? If yes, the next question arises that which business to start as the motive behind starting a business is to serve and to gain profit. Are there any startup ideas which are fundable and feasible and if there are such ideas, than why people have not yet started them? And the answer is, they are useful, interesting, profitable but also challenging to start and maintain. Good thing is, these ideas are not impossible to start as impossible itself says that I’m possible. Today we are discussing some startup ideas which are stimulating but in long run prove to be profitable and can help in uplifting of society too.

1.   Sustainable Energy generation:

Conventional Energy resources depletion is a hot topic for debate from decades. With technological advancement, the requirement for energy is increasing day by day.  Everyone is in pursuit of some non-conventional and renewable sources of energy which could be in the form of solar, wind, tidal, biomass, ethanol bio-fuels, bio-fuels from other sources viz. geothermal, hydrogen, thorium, Jatropha, rapeseed, sugarcane etc. This startup idea can turn into a big project but would require investment and government aid and in the long run can provide good return.

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2.    Future with Robots:

Robotics is already deep rooted in military usage and industries for automation. If Robots can be used in serving customers and other operations, it will increase the overall efficiency of process and also decrease the need for human power. A startup can utilize this concept by adopting military technology for consumer needs rather than developing robotic hardware and software from scratch.

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3.    Going Digital:

Digitalization of government and banking sector opens a way for various IT based startups to grow as they would need new tailor-made software’s and regular updating, along with this website designing and maintenance of websites can be taken up by startups.


4.    Education for all:

Every student deserves to have good teacher- Bill Gates. Connecting students to the right teacher would make one’s future bright. If student can’t reach the teacher physically, a startup can scale their reach through the internet, even in one-on-one teaching by acting as an intermediate between student and teachers. It is a respectable business which can be started for a good cause and earning money too.


5.    Enterprise Software solutions:

Enterprise software used for accounting, billing, email marketing, etc. are now necessary part of a business. Customizable software used can be modified and can store online data so that they can benefit consumer market and saves time and hardships for seller and buyer both. A startup can actualize this conception and build user friendly software’s and cater to various needs of business.


6.    Affordable Pharmaceuticals:

Medicines play a vital role in curing diseases but if the treatment is expensive and only few can afford it, than that is un-serviceable. Medicinal drugs could be developed faster and less expensively by a startup so that people get it at reasonable price. It is surely a field to get attention and that’s why worth funding.

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7.    Food and Water War:

With the increase of world population, the shortage of food and drinking water is becoming a leading problem. A startup that discovers new food sources or optimizes the current ones by incorporating new techniques to yield high crop production can save millions of lives.

Out of all the water on earth 97% water is salty and only 3% is fresh water. Desalination of sea and ocean water to get drinkable water will satisfy many people and so it’s a virtuous idea for a breakthrough startup.

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8.   Internet Infrastructure:

Internet is a fast growing network which connects the world. People are storing and sharing their valuable information over internet. However this data is vulnerable to natural disasters or hacking. Cyber crime is increasing day by day and to prevent it, products are needed which keep the servers safe, boost security and there is a need invent better ways to store vast amounts of information. A startup to resolve these issues could be worth funding.


9.    Scientific advancement:

As said by Edward Teller “The Science of today is technology of tomorrow”. Scientific research is still bound to reputed universities and large companies, which is based on old guidelines, instruments and theories that are not always efficient. Funding is needed for developing independent research labs which can count towards technological advancement. A startup based on this can turn miracles.


10.  Effective Telecommunications:

Communication over conventional telephone lines or landlines are now going to be outdated as more and more people are using Skype and Whatsapp  for calling and chatting, but still there is a need for a breakthrough in how we talk to each other over a long distance with faster and effective use of broadband. A startup for telecommunication that utilizes new technology can be a good idea.


11.    Job Opportunities:

Automation encourages replacement of man with robots and computers. But humans can never be replaced totally and new job ideas and opportunities need to be created. Only need is to educate and train future professions, which is a virtuous fundable idea for today.


These are some challenging though fundable ideas which can give admirable future to the society. They are critical problems which our world is facing and need a solution. A startup to help in creating a solution to any problem can be a future enterprise. Just the thing that is required is dedication, determination and direction to succeed in these concepts.

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