Startups Versus Corporate Life

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Both Startups and Corporate life are the steps which can make a experience of larger than life living. Since both startups and corporate life have their own ups and downs .One comes with advantages that may be a disadvantage for the other and viceversa.

Corporate life seems to have more stability, defined positions, best place for learning, and to understand what exactly a individual is enjoying doing so to give a 100% satisfaction.

But WHY in present arena, that our country is so much promoting for startups i. e, the initiative start by the present government ” STARTUP INDIA , STANDUP INDIA “. Now what exactly a startup is? Startup is a small culture that have only one goal to make something valuable from a bunch of people. Startup is like a roller coaster ride Vs a same monotonous straight ride of corporate life. It provide the rider with:-

  • RESPONSIBILITY :-    Comprising only few members in a startup , a individual have to undergo many responsibilities to complete a task while in corporate life , a individual is responsible for its own work without bothering for other members of the company. Thus generates a sense of responsibility.
  • MULTITASKING :-      Working in a startup having less no. of employees, a individual have to manage many tasks such as writing training manuals, designing internship flyers, answering the phones and appointing the right person whereas in corporate centre, specific work is alloted for each one. Thus end up doing similar kind of work everyday.
  • RISK :-            Startups comes with a never ending risk factor because it isn’t profitable at the initial state. Uncertanity for the success and the risk of startup’s runway (i. e., having inadequate amount of money) is a constant problem whereas in corporate sector, a individual is abided from any market risk that are totally belongs to the upper management level.
  • OWNERSHIP AND LEADERSHIP :-         A startup gaves a authority to a individual for making a decision that is beneficial for the company and to lead the company in a suitable direction while there in the other one the employees have nothing concerned with the decision making and they blindly follows what they are said to do.

Hence both have their own charms and their cracks. But it depends totally on a individual’s personality , workstyle , interest which determines the best one among the two.

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