Steps to Improve Your Exam Performance

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In this competitive world, everyone wishes to secure the maximum percentage, but it still raises a question whether the education system is overly competitive and stressful. If this is the case, students might lose their faith and hope and finally end up with failure. One should note that the learning process should never be accompanied by stress, rather students should always be calm to get the best possible result.

Let us have a look at various ways, depending on the situation, to improve exam performance-


(i) Practice Daily- It is essential for the students to study regularly in order to have a good insight of the subject. In order to score a good result, one must be thorough with the conceptual understanding of the subject. A student of class 11 needs to practice all the subjects along with class 11 maths ncert solutions as well as physics, chemistry, and biology to excel in the examination.


(ii) Plan Your studies- Most of the students lag behind few other students as they don’t follow a proper routine for their studies. Instead, they must prepare a strategic plan for their studies. Set a small and achievable target which would help in preparation.


(iii) Take proper sleep- It is a must that students must not sacrifice their sleep for studies. It plays an essential part in a life of a student. Thus it is advised that one must take at least 7-8 hours daily. Students can study only when their mind is functioning properly.


(iv) Don’t study new topics just before the examination- During the last moment of time, one must look back to the various concepts which they have already studied. Picking up new topics can make students anxious. One can revise the topics which they have already covered to have a good grasp in those topics. Revision can help them to perform exceptionally well in the examination.


(v) Confident is the key to success- During the examination, a student must be calm in order to perform well. A calm mind can always put out the best result, which also helps to boost the confidence.


All these points must be kept in mind if one wishes to excel in their examination. Students of class 9th can practice NCERT questions and refer to NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Maths in case of any doubts.


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