Success Story of Royal Adventure Tours

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The Success Story of Royal Adventure Tours Tells You That Your Hard Work & Patients Changes one Day in Success.

This travel company Proves that your hard work changes one day in success. Royal Adventure Tours is the composition of a hardworking and industrious person. Royal Adventure Tours is the composition of a hardworking and industrious person. The name of its founder is Mr. Rajendra Singh. He started his business from a very small level. Their interesting story begins with inspiration from Rajasthan Tourism.

To be an entrepreneur, you can learn from their personality, experiences, and understanding. He did a lot of research before starting this business. And mainly, he made Rajasthan the center of his business, where the travel industry is at the peak due to the history, culture, and heritage.


  • Establishment & Growth :


In the year 2013, started a journey 5 years ago, Mr. Rajendra Singh founded a travel company named Royal Adventure Tours. Currently, it is the best online travel agent company in Rajasthan, which offers you budget tour packages and holiday travel packages in Rajasthan. The foundation and growth of the Royal Adventure Tours looks like a business fantasy, of whom everyone is aware. How often is it that a single person took inspiration from a place and established the business empire of a crore. The foundation of the Royal Adventure Tours is not only amazing, but its growth and expansion shows that if you are diligent and devoted to work, then no one can block your path.

When he started this travel agency in Jaisalmer city. Because Jaisalmer is a land of good desert area in Rajasthan, it remains a tourist attraction. But at that time Royal Adventure Tours did not start with so much profit. He also recorded his online presence in order to increase his profits. In the year 2013, Mr. Rajendra Singh Launches website ( of Royal Adventure Tours with Compusys e Solutions Founder Mr. Vivek Sharma. The increase in their business after launching the website,, was not enough. Wherever their turnover was 10 lakh by 2015 Then in the year 2016, they started taking digital marketing services for their website, you would be surprised that their profits, which was limited to 10 lakh, reached 80 lakh by the end of 2016. And in 2017 their annual revenue touched 1 crore, which increased to 1.25 crore in 2018, it is absolutely amazing. Where Royal Adventure Tours touches new dimensions. When their business grew, they also increased their business locations. Where the Royal Adventure Tours was confined to Jaisalmer Tour Packages only. Royal Adventure Tours is now also providing its services in Jaipur Tour Packages as well as Udaipur Tour Packages in famous tourist cities like Jaipur and Udaipur. To further this initiative, they moved forward in 2018 when they launched their new website with Compusys E solutions. To further this initiative, they moved forward in 2018 when they launched their new website with Compusys E solutions. And with this,  they covered their entire business from certain selected places to entire Rajasthan. That is, today the best travel companies have made their place in Rajasthan and is providing its Udaipur Tour Packages services in whole Rajasthan. And they have established their headquarters at Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital. From where they solve the problems of their customers. And manage the business of its entire Rajasthan.

  • Target audience :

India’s fastest growing travel industry is also witnessing high level competitions in the market. The growing population of middle class is the target audience of Royal Adventure Tours. Understanding your target audience is not so difficult, but replacing their demands and transforming them into your potential customers is really a daunting task. Today, travelers are very much aware of each inclination and turnover of travel industry. So, Royal Adventure Tours makes much effort to meet your travel needs.


  • Mission :


When you start a business, that business starts with a meaningful mission and vision. In such a person’s mind it is necessary to change how this can change the life of a person. At the same time, Royal Adventure Tours also went ahead. And Royal Adventure Tours wants to provide employment opportunities to more and more people. Therefore, this company has a mission to employ 200 to 500 employees in the travel industry by the year 2020. And this will definitely succeed in it.

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