The 12 Best Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs have got a lot of financial risks and money invested in them, which obviously does not make it easy to calm oneself down. Hence the success for such startups is very much important. Few podcasts focus on tech, startups, and the challenges of growing your business. These 12 as some of the best and most educational ones


  • StartUp: The first season of this had been a quantum leap in the way of looking at startups. The host Alex Blumberg took the listeners on a ride, making the familiarwith the conception and funding and some of the common problems and challenges faced. Startup was his own podcast network- Gimlet Media. Second season brought with the concept of Dating Ring which was founded by two women in their


  • Built to sell: It tells us about the crucial time to sell ones business. Serial entrepreneur John Warrillow wrote one of the best business books of 2011, Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You, which discussed how to create a company. He now speaks very often about it, probably every week.


  • The pitch: This podcast basically does not fake anything, and were an early startup to put forth their ideas, and three investors give a honest feed backs about it. If they would invest or not, would also be decided, and also a valid reason would be given for both.


  • Startup School Radio: It is introduced by the Y combinator. It is held responsible to accelerate companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe, Zenefits, and Instacart.The show, hosted by YC partner Aaron Harris and former co-founder of failed tutoring marketplace startup Tutorspree.



  • Collective Wisdom for Tech Startups: This is a podcast from Founders Collective, a venture that has invested in large capitalized companies such as Uber, Buzzfeed, MakerBot, and SeatGeek, and yet Collective Wisdom is one among them.


  • She Did it Her Way: A woman is no less than a man, and hence this is podcast is a shout out to all the women entrepreneurs who had their own ideas and vision to grow the startup. Every week a successful female entrepreneur is been interviewed.


  • Reboot: A former capitalist Jerry Colonnais the one who speaks and has a motive to inspire others with his talks. This is released twice in a month, in which Colonna talks with leaders and business owners about the emotional struggles they face during the early stage of his start ups.


  • a16z: This is a Andreessen Horowitz’s flagship podcast, which releases multiple episodes every week. It interviews the startup founders and publish their stories, which would inspire others to place one step ahead.


  • Rocketship: It takes around 30 minutes in every episode, hosted by 3 people and one startup founder, and it is prolific, and they manage to publish 2 episodes every week.


  • Re/Decode: This is a podcast for all the technology based entrepreneurs, it gives a great view about the lives of the most successful tech founders and CEOs. The host, Kara Swisher, interviews many great personalities like Marc Andreessen, Slack’s Stuart Butterfield, Y Combinator’s Sam Altman, and LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner.


  • Zen Founder: This mainly focuses on the emotional side of an entrepreneur who has to manage work, family money, and much more. The hosts are a serial entrepreneur and a psychologist who specializes in trauma work.


  • Traction: This is the type of podcast which would inspire a young and a budding mind, and guide them towards starting their own startup from the scratch. The host of the show being Jay Acunzo,helps us realize how to put the step forward, get all the things done and see a positive result.
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