The 12 Best Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs have to deal with several challenges on their way to success. They have to make tough choices and also take some serious decisions; therefore they constantly look for some guidance or advice from various sources. One such source that is greatly evolving nowadays are the“Podcasts” .They can really help you to grow and learn.

But what exactly are they?

“Podcasts are nothing but a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

There are a variety of podcasts available. And we present you some of the best and most educational ones out there:

1. StartUp:

The name itself speaks for the podcast. The first season was a breakthrough, with host Alex Blumberg taking listeners inside a startup from conception to funding and many more challenges. The second season, which ended this summer, switched to follow Dating Ring, a dating company founded by two women in the 20s. Some of the challenges were similar, others different—including founder disagreements and sexism.

2. Built to Sell:

Built To Sell fills a very specific niche: addressing how and when and why to sell your business. Serial entrepreneur John Warrillow wrote one of the best business books of 2011, Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You, which discussed how to create a company that you can eventually sell. Now he talks every week to a recently cashed-out entrepreneur to learn more about that process.

3. Startup School Radio:

This comes from Y Combinator, the accelerator behind companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe, Zenefits, and Instacart. The show, hosted by YC partner Aaron Harris and former cofounder of failed tutoring marketplace startup Tutorspree, talks practical advice on starting, funding, and scaling companies through interviews with founders.

4. The Pitch:

The Pitch is a podcast where early  stage startups pitch their company and then three investors give real feedback and talk about whether or not they will invest—and why. A different startup and investor group every two weeks, The Pitch will keep you hooked.

5. Collective Wisdom for Tech Startups:

Some podcasts stand out as much for the format as the content. A podcast from Founders Collective, a seed-stage venture capital firm that has invested in companies like Uber, Buzzfeed, MakerBot, and SeatGeek, Collective Wisdom is one of those. The show features interviews with founders—and then breaks up each full 30 minute to an hour episode into minute-long bites of wisdom.

6. She Did It Her Way:

If you’re looking for a women’s perspective on growing a company, look no further than She Did It Her Way. Every week, they talk with a successful female entrepreneur. And it’s a diverse group of startups and people, far from your typical tech company overload.

7. Reboot:

Reboot focuses less on the business challenges than the psychological issues that founders deal with. On each episode, which come out twice per month, talking with leaders and business owners about the emotional struggles they face as they try to grow their startups.

8. Zen Founder:

Sticking with the emotional theme, here’s another podcast that looks more at personal health of founders as they juggle work, family, and more. The co-hosts are a serial entrepreneur and a psychologist who specializes in trauma work, a unique combination for learning how to stay sane while starting up.

9. Rocketship:

With three hosts and one startup founder, Rocketship has an unbalanced lineup but an engaging show. At 30 minutes per episode, this is an easy to digest conversational interview that you can learn from—and it’s prolific too.

10. Traction:

Traction is a podcast focused on going from zero to one: how do you raise your startup from nothing? A podcast from seed fund NextView Ventures, Traction host Jay Acunzo and his guests talk about doing things that may not scale, but help get results.



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