The Inspiring Success Story of Rayna Tours and Travels

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Turning your passion into a successful startup is always a great idea. But that doesn’t mean that it will pave you the straight path to the success. It comes with its own sets of roadblocks and facing them may not be as easy as you might you think. It may even turn out to be a gruesomely tough battle at times. And today, we bring you the inspiring success story of Rayna Tours and Travels – a Dubai based travel agency which firmly worked their way through the maze of these ongoing adversities to eventually come out successful.

Rayna Tours and Travels: Beginning

Rayna Tours and Travels is one of the UAE’s most profitable travel management companies. But, you’ll be surprised to know that its founders, Kamlesh Ramchandani and Manoj Tulsani, didn’t have any solid experience when they initiated its start. Both of them came to Dubai towards the end of 1990s and it was while working with Safeer Group of Companies they met and shared their passion for travel and calling for entrepreneurship.

Manoj Tulsani – CEO of Rayna Tours and Travels

Having worked in the trade scenario for seven to eight years, they were in fact not well prepared to start a business in the service industry. They didn’t have sufficient funds or prior experience of running a business. But, these odds and challenges didn’t draw them back; they decided to go ahead and launch their business just by leveraging their individual talents, existing job expertise and most importantly, their common interest for travel and connecting with new people.

And that’s how Rayna Tours and Travels came into existence in 2006 as a small travel outlet in Dubai’s Flora Grand Hotel.

Outperforming Challenges

Rayna Tours was started out on a mission to provide seamless tour services to people traveling to Dubai from all over the world. Luckily, they stepped into the industry at the right time when there was a lack of service providers which promptly took care of the visitors’ tour requirements. Al though the start was quite easy and favorable, its running wasn’t due to an enormous amount of industry demands.

First of all, it was difficult for them to convince the clients about their innovative ideas. Another major hindrance was to find the right team. This was followed by the absence of an efficient business plan or a model. But in every unlikely circumstance, they kept their eyes out for feasible options in order to overcome adversities and move ahead with their staunch customer-first approach.

Caption: Rayna Tours Team

Accordingly, they pulled out all stops to know the industry in-depth and managed to devise the most effective strategies to satisfy their customers’ needs. The results began to show up as they opened four to five outlets in the first two years of their business launch.

Continue to Evolve and Grow

It’s more than a decade now and Rayna Tours is one of the undisputable leaders in the travel industry. It has come a long way from a single outlet to expand its business across Asia, Africa, and Europe, besides its head office in Abu Hail, Dubai. And their success is nothing but their perpetual enthusiasm to evolve and line-up their products and services as per the industry demands. They have been successful in making travel business a hell lot easier with their exclusive online travel portals for both B2C and B2B customers.

With its easy to navigate interface, uber cool features, and detailed tour information, it allows users to search, compare and put together their dream vacation with greater ease. There is visa service to 40 plus international destinations, worldwide hotel reservation options, all-inclusive holiday packages, sightseeing tours, cruises, and of course, almost everything imaginable about travel.

Earning the Rewards & Looking Forward

Rayna Tours’ value-packed services and packages have fetched them several deserved recognitions. It has won some of the most sought after industry awards including the very recent Best Performer Award from Yas Water World and Ferrari World and the Best Partner Award for Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Caption: Manoj Tulsani accepting Best Partner Award from Dubai Parks and Resorts and Top Wholesaler Award from Yas Island (From Left to Right)

As the company has carved out a niche for itself in the travel industry, their success story is a testament to the fact that you can still make it big without any huge investment or solid business plan. After all, they have managed to silence all qualms and uncertainties that came along the way by devotedly remaining focused to their passion and ideas.  


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