Tips For Getting Students Attention In Class

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Not paying attention in the class is one of the most common scenarios every student might have gone through at least once in their life. A recent survey found out that most of the students describe their classroom as boring. As a teacher, the task of keeping the class interesting and engaging can be challenging. Don’t worry, by implementing these techniques, teachers are assured with a continuous attention of the students.

Teachers Participation

Participating in projects assigned to students in class and sharing your own interests and experiences while getting to know your student’s interests is the best way to teach in class and ensure students understand the taught subjects. There are some chapters in the CBSE syllabus for class 10 which requires teachers to explain the topics with real-life examples.

Playing Games

Splitting the class into teams and making them play various classroom games in which teachers can incorporate questions from lessons and chapters of any subject to keep the students on their toes. As we know many students are grade driven, giving an extra point as a reward will definitely keep their mind engaged.

Use Of Technology

Because teens are glued to their tech, introducing some kind of technology by the teacher in the learning process will prove to be beneficial and using it in class will make the course interesting. Interactive puzzles and questions can be made accessed so that the students can participate on their own devices..

Choosing Corners

Using classroom space for some activity which puts the students on their feet instead of stagnantly sitting will be very impactful in teaching something. Letting students choose their corners when they are about to answer a question related to a chapter and discussing why they chose that corner will not only make their mind refreshing, it will definitely keep them engaged in class.

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