Top 10 Replicas of Celebrated Landmarks Around the World

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The world is fascinating place and is filled with some magnificent landmarks to admire. Some of the world’s most incredible landmarks have been recreated to mark the excellence of the originals. We bring to you the top 10 replicas of famous landmarks around the world:

1. London’s Tower Bridge:

Where to find the original: London, United Kingdom

The city of Suzhou in East China hosts a replica of London’s Tower Bridge. However it’s not an exact copy of the renowned one in London; the Chinese representation has twice as many towers, but lacks the drawbridge mechanism.


2. The Statue of Liberty:

Where to find the original: New York, United States of America

A replica of the world famous Statue of Liberty can be found in Birmingham, Albana. It has been cast  in the same French foundry as the original (but made out of bronze), Alabama’s Lady Liberty — a fifth of the size of the actual monument — is perched on a 60ft pedestal in Liberty Park. It first stood atop the Liberty National Life Insurance Company building in downtown Birmingham, though.


3. The Taj Mahal:

Where to find the original: Agra, India

A local filmmaker in Bangladesh, Ahsanullah Moni spent a whooping $56 million to built a nearly similar replica of the very beautiful Taj Mahal. The replica is to scale, and needed an overwhelming shipment of white marble to be brought in to Bangladesh from all over the world. According to Ms. Moni, he built a replica of the Taj Mahal so that the poor of his nation can realize their dream of seeing neighboring India’s famed monument.

Taj Mahal Bangladesh 001

4. Mount Rushmore:

Where to find the original: Keystone, South Dakota

You can witness a replica of the Mount Rushmore in the city of Tochigi in Japan, decaying in an abandoned Wild West-themed amusement park. This 82ft, 1/3-scale replica of Mount Rushmore was apparently carved by a guy from South Dakota; to ensure authenticity, of course. It was reportedly carved using satellite-plotted topographical maps for accuracy at a cost of $29 million.

screen shot 2014-07-25 at 9.53.12 am

5. Perthenon:

Where to find the original: Athens, Greece

The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Today, the Parthenon functions as an art museum and stands as the centerpiece of Centennial Park, a large public park just west of downtown Nashville. The building is a full-scale replica of the Athenian original.


6. Trevi Fountain:

Where to find the original: Rome, Italy

You can find a replica of the Rome’s historical Trevi Fountain in Las Vegas, Nevada. This legendary tourist site is certainly an eye candy for the visitors in Las Vegas.


7. The Leaning Tower:

Where to find the original: Pisa, Italy

The leaning tower of Niles, stands tall in the city of Niles, Illonois. Half the size of the Leaning Tower of Pisa but with the same trademark tilt, this 94ft replica was built in 1934 to hide water tanks.


8. Eiffel Tower:

Where to find the original: Paris, France

There are over 30 Eiffel Tower immitations around the world, but the most realistic one can be found in Durango, Mexico. The 1/6-scale replica was apparently donated by some, no doubt, homesick Frenchies from the local town.


9. Washington Square Arch:

Where to find the original: Paris, France

While the Washington Square Arch isn’t exactly a replica, it was modeled after the Arc de Triomphe (86 years after it was built). This recreation is quite similar to the original landmark standing in France.


10. The Great Sphinx:

Where to find the original: Egypt

Taking a trip back to ancient Egypt once more, the Great Sphinx of Giza has also come up in China’s achievements in most number of believable replicas.







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