Top 12 Indian Hardware Startups in India

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In the past five years, we have seen a drastic change in our industrial and IoT sectors. It is because the government is welcoming every idea that can bring a change in our economy via startups. There are new policies on the way to bring ease in the way of doing business, compiles NDTV.

India is no less competitive in producing various startups that can revolutionize our global business. In a short time, we have seen many startups arise in our nation, especially hardware startups that have emerged in the last five years. Here is the list of these hardware startups in India.

Grey Orange Robotics :
Robotics Solutions for e-Commerce Warehouses

Grey Orange designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation at distribution and fulfillment centers. Grey Orange is the creator of AcYut, India’s first indigenously developed humanoid robot and it has two product lines that is provided to India’s e-commerce and logistics companies.

Ather Energy :

Electric Smart Scooters

Ather Energy is building smart scooters for the Indian market. They are building their own chassis, suspensions, lithium ion battery packs, battery management systems and body works. The two-year old startup is expected to launch its first product, the S340 electric scooter in early 2016.

Goqii :
Fitness Tracking Wearables

Goqii focuses on sustained engagement and goal reinforcement and offers a complete ecosystem as a single integrated solution, which is a powerful combination of technology and human connection. Goqii retails its fitness band with a subscription plan, combining it with a platform that provides users’ access to fitness services and karma points.

MangoMan Consumer Electronics:

HDMI Dongle for Wireless Media Streaming

MangoMan produces great electronic products to buy at an affordable price. Teewe is MangoMan Consumer Electronics flagship product, which is an HDMI Dongle that allows you to stream media wirelessly via a smartphone application to your television.

Bluetooth-Enabled Haptic Footwear

The Hyderabad-based company was set up in 2011 with the aim of creating intuitive, unobtrusive and user-friendly wearable technology innovations. Lechal footwear was born out of a simple impulse to use technology to help the visually-impaired navigate their worlds better. Lechal footwear uses haptic technology that helps the visually-challenged to navigate.


Mobile Point-of-Sale

Ezetap is the India’s first universal solution that allows merchants to accept customer payments from any mobile wallet through their existing Ezetap point of sale application. The solution is integrated into the Ezetap Card Acceptance Platform and it offers merchants a unified one-stop solution for all payment acceptances. It accepts any mobile wallet; launched with Paytm, Mobikwik, Novopay, and Freecharge.

Inoho :
Home Automation

Inoho is a simple and easily extendible home control system, wireless and is easy to install. It lets users to control and schedule on and off times for their home appliances from anywhere in the world, via the Internet, using an app or web browser.

Absentia :

VR Headset

Absentia designs and produces VR headset called Tesseract. The full-HD version of the Tesseract headset is priced at 12,000, while the QHD version of the headset is priced at 20,000. The Tesseract headset connects to PCs via HDMI and USB, and pairs well with FPS shooters. Absentia recently launched two versions of Tesseract, a virtual reality head mount device that’s now up for pre-order.

VR Cameras

Tesseract recently designed the Methane 360 VR Camera, a leap in camera technology that allows you to map out every house, restaurant, hotel or space in 360 and 3D. All Methane 360 Cameras have a VR ready view and can use an Oculus or Google Cardboard for viewing.


Health Monitoring Devices

Cooey is an end-to-end health monitoring IoT platform that produces smart devices that intends to collect, store, analyze and provide insights of vital signs for patients. It connects you with the health services and provides personalized services according to your health state. Cooey has recently launched wireless body fat analyzer and blood pressure monitor.


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