Top 3 alternate career options for Engineers

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Three Best Picks as Alternative Career Options for Engineering

An engineering mindset, if not necessarily engineering as a profession itself, is all that is needed to
be successful in today’s job scenario. We need to be perfectly engineered, or tailor-made to deliver
on a job today, don’t we?
Everybody cannot be an engineer. Fortunately, there is a host of other professions to choose from.
The hey-days of any one profession have vanished with the past. And, there are new options or the
old ones like an IAS Preparation which now seem way more approachable.
We discuss the three-most happening career choices for you other than engineering.

1. Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

It has been and continues to be one of the most prestigious jobs across India. Then, how does it
feature on our list as one of the best alternatives to being an engineer? It is so because the pattern
of hiring IAS officers through the reputed UPSC CSE exam has undergone a major transformation.
Like you, the Indian bureaucracy system needs a fresh approach to serve the country with passion.
Plus, there are coaching institutes willing to help you stay updated with the trends and all-important
news related to the civil service profession and the IAS exam. Let us tell you how a good e-coaching
institute helps you master the course of IAS preparation.

a) It makes IAS exam preparation easier and convenient.

b) It brings the big world of its alumni, experts and the study material available at one place,
thus giving you access to all important sources to work harder towards achieving your

c) It helps you stay abreast with every bit of information related to the IAS profession including
the job opportunities, the difficulty level of the annual exam, etc.

2. Banking Officer

It is another traditional profession which just got rejig. The bankers are most sought after and
secured in the present economic scenario. Post demonetisation, the banking world got a bigger push
and since then, the employee involvement is increasing and the job security nemesis is reducing in
the sector.
There are many reasons to gain confidence in doing a banking job.
The public-sector banks in India have grown tremendously and continue to grow. The IBPS bank
exam is held every year to recruit the best talent from across India. Through a competitive exam, the
opportunity to work in a reputed bank of choice just got easier. Plus, there are many online coaching
institutes willing to help.

3. Entrepreneur

Enterprising skills can never be outdated. No matter what profession we choose, it is really our
enterprising mindset and attitude which is crucial for us. If you have an engineering mindset, then,
you just have to take a step ahead and master your brain and the business craftsmanship-personally.
There are many new things waiting to be tried and tested and one needs to put in all personal
efforts to get the business rolling. A diverse country such as India gives you ample opportunities to
try and be able to make a difference. You can be a management graduate from an Education

Institution of repute, but still wish to go the entrepreneurial way, simply because you do what you
wish to do to your career.

The Way Forward

There are many alternative career options for engineering and some of them have been mentioned
in this article. While engineering continues to be a favourite, at the same time, there is a completely
new job economy scenario shaping up in India today.
New markets have emerged, maximising space and thus, the business opportunities. The e-
commerce industry is a fine example of how to optimise business profits through vertical business

Then, there are traditional professions like the Indian Civil Service which is prestigious and at the
same time, more realistic to achieve since there are many e-coaching institutes willing to help you
achieve that dream. If you aspire to be an IAS officer, then, you have many reasons to start
preparing for it – at the primary education level only. Later, enrol for the best coaching and take
advantage of the expert access provided on the internet.

The time has never been more opportune to excel in a professional field of your choice. All you need
to do is- prepare harder and smarter to do well on a competitive exam.

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