Trip Navigator: Transforming Corporate Event Execution with Technology

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Planning and executing an event is a complex process, requiring endless coordination and communication among stakeholders – organizers as well as multiple vendors. Any event, no matter how small or large, is made up of multiple aspects, and unless they blend together seamlessly, an event cannot be termed a success. Right from the planning or consideration stage where corporate teams working to coordinate and conduct an event need to finalize the destination or venue where the event will take place, to shortlisting the kind of activities to be held during the event, and confirming the ideal number of event attendees or delegates, an event requires meticulous planning.

The conventional way of planning an event is a long, drawn out process, and to make matters worse, is often undertaken by an organization’s administration department, in addition to their usual workload. This makes event planning an extremely stressful affair for the team of organizers.

The situation remains just as chaotic and complex during the execution of the event, where the organizers need to coordinate travel, hotel check-ins, and arrangements by multiple vendors at the venue by themselves. From the time delegates begin their travel to the event venue until the time they leave the venue and make it back to their respective locations safely, event organizers rarely get a breather.

Executing Events the Trip Navigator Way

A typical MICE event would have a high number of delegates participating, arriving at a specific destination from multiple locations. Coordinating the itineraries and arrival of multiple event attendees can become an extremely complex and tedious affair, when conducting an event.

Trip Navigator’s innovative mobile app makes event execution an automated and far more manageable task. Organizing teams from corporates and event attendees can download the mobile app on their smartphones to coordinate arrivals and departures and push real-time updates regarding their current location and progress. The app also makes it possible for corporate teams to automate hotel check-ins – conventionally an extremely time consuming and complex process, to ensure that delegates are not inconvenienced by inefficiencies and delays.

The Trip Navigator mobile app also offers an essential platform to engage with delegates throughout the duration of the event, making it possible for them to receive alerts about their itineraries and coordinate their attendance at each activity included in the event. The app also lets participants share photos and videos taken at the event in real-time with corporate admin teams who work to put together an event as well as all other attendees.

Most of the event organizers who have used our mobile app have remarked about the user-friendliness and easy to use interface which has offered immense assistance during the execution of the event. While there are multiple mobile apps that offer features for collaboration, Trip Navigator’s mobile app is tailormade to suit the requirements of corporate event organizers and MICE activities.

It brings together vital features from multiple apps, including social messaging, online travel planning and emergency SOS apps to create one-stop shop for all steps involved in the conduct of a corporate event.

With the help of the Trip Navigator’s mobile app, we truly believe in digitally transforming the traditionally offline and complicated ways of MICE event and corporate event planning and execution. Challenging the old ways and making it more efficient with the help of technology has helped us carve out a niche in an industry with endless possibilities and demand and give our customers a truly innovative and unforgettable event handling experience.

About the Author:

Abhishek Gupta is Co-Founder and Director at Trip Navigator – a company which offers end-to-end corporate event planning services via an online portal. He is a Post Graduate in Business Management and has worked for almost 10 years in various industries like FMCG, Consumer Durables, Banking, Media. Before starting Trip Navigator, Abhishek was heading the Retail Sales and Regional Corporate Business for West Zone in Fever 104 FM (Hindustan Times). Abhishek is a highly dynamic & approachable person with a keen eye for detail. His subject Knowledge ensures enriched value addition to the company & its clientele in terms of efficiency & effectiveness.


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