Truth Unveiled: Why Sonam Gupta is being called Bewafa

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Sonam Gupta has lately been declared as the “National Bewafa(disloyal)”. If you don’t know what this is all about than have a look at the picture below, where a woman named Sonam Gupta has been announced disloyal on ₹10 note.




In the middle of all the chaos of demonetization, the whole nation is trapped in the mystery of Sonam Gupta. From facebook to twitter to various other social networking websites, Sonam Gupta is trending everywhere. From a ₹10 coin to ₹2000 note, you can find her name everywhere.



Now the question arises whether Sonam Gupta is really a bewafa? And what made everyone to call her that. After all the hype created by Sonam Gupta, we finally have the answers to all these questions. The story has been unveiled. Read it for yourself:

Sonam Gupta was a beautiful young girl in her twenties. She was extremely adorable and loved by all, specially the boys. Her charm was increasing with each passing day. She was approached by many eligible bachelors. However Sonam had a special place for just one, a boy who lived in the same street as Sonam. They never really talked to each other, but often exchanged smiles. There was a special kind of bond they both shared. The boy started to feel for Sonam and decided to propose to her. Words had never been the medium of conversation between them, so he decided to write it to her. So one day he wrote“Sonam I Love You”  on a ₹10 note and gave it to her. Sonam smiled and kept it in her pocket. And they were now virtually dating each other. The boy gave many more such notes to Sonam and her piggy bank now weighed much more. The boy was now ready to marry Sonam. He thought of confronting her father, but destiny took its toll. The boy was all set to put out the marriage proposal, when he suddenly discovers about Sonam’s marriage from his neighbours.

Sonam was marrying someone with greater assets. Sonam chose money over love. This was when Sonam Gupta was declared bewafa. The currency notes which once brought them closer are now the witness of their distance. If you know anything more about Sonam Gupta and her anonymous lover, do tell us about it!

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