Ways to Cope Up with Examination Pressure and Stress for Civil Services Aspirants

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Let us make it simple and crisp, Indian Administrative Service exam (IAS), is the most grueling and toughest examination process in India. Lakhs of students sit for the most sought out examination annually. But prior to Civil Services Examination, an aspirant has to go through several struggles and challenges.

As the exam attracts lakhs of students from across the country, many throng to the metros and big cities in the hope of getting premium coaching to boost their chances of clearing the exam.They take up accommodation or live in PG, with little comfort. Living in other city makes the job even tougher as they not only prepare for the exam, but also have to look after their well-being. Many aspirants appearing hail from economically backward background.This gives an unprecedented effect and pressure on the mind of the aspirants. As most of the students do not know cooking, they mostly rely on outside eateries and dhabbas to save time, which eventually leads to several health consequences.

Prolonged and grueling course, study material and constant pressure to perform well leave the candidate vulnerable. Coaching institutes ask their students to put up at least 15 to 18 hrs of study daily to brighten up their prospective of qualifying the exam. To achieve this many resort to anti sleeping pills, coffee, tea and cigarettes, exhausting the aspirant, eventually leading to more serious health consequences.

exam pressure

During the course, the aspirant finds him/herself under tremendous psychological pressure. Solitary living, less sleep, grueling studying hours, managing finances, commuting and keeping up to the coaching institutes, fee and health, all are compromised. Not to forget; the peer, social and family pressure leaves the candidates with little choices. The aspirant has no social life literally cutting itself from the rest of the world, has no time to indulge in leisure activities or sports making them mentally and physically low. Cases of depression, emotional breakdown, anxiety are ubiquitous among the aspirants.

With the cut throat competition, the IAS is no doubt the toughest examination, but as it is said there is light at end of the tunnel. The stress and grueling schedule of IAS course can be tackled by including simple and healthy steps in your daily routine.

Always be physically active

IAS exams are cumbersome and aspirants isolate themselves away from any kind of physical activities. Always take time to indulge in light physical activities. You can start your day with a morning walk, yoga or meditation. Being physically fit will keep your body and mind stimulated and you will probably have better focus on your studies. Just make sure not to indulge in heavy and strenuous physical activities as this will wear you out leaving no energy to study.

Wholesome and nutritious diet

Healthy and balanced diet goes a long way and has a positive affect both on the mind and body. The diet will give you uninterrupted energy to study for long hours and focus on your studies even better. The diet will take you away from any illness and will keep you fit and sound to tackle the exhausting course.

Take out time for leisure activities

Constantly juggling of fact and guzzling every figure wear the mind to the extent where it can no longer have the ability to store any information. What medicine is for body, leisure and entertainment is for mind. Always take out time for leisure activities; they can be as simple as listening to your favourite song, gazals or strolling in a park with your friends, indulging in some light talks and jokes. The aim is here to give the mind some rest and recover it from the constant anxiety and stress. This will help you to concentrate on your study with fresh approach and zeal.

Take proper sleep and rest

Proper sleep and rest is vital for the body, mind and brain. You cannot ignore the sleep while continue to cover as many hours for studying. At the end of the day you are only harming yourself. Less sleep and rest will have adverse impact on your health, which may take several months to recover. Always take small breaks in between the study and try to get at least a minimum of 6 to 8 hrs sleep.

Be optimistic and confident

All the aforementioned points could easily go in vain if you are not confident, positive and honest to your IAS preparations. The vital element in IAS or any other examination is to always believe in your capabilities and stay motivated. Boosting a confident attitude will not only help you in staying focused on your path but will also clear out all unnecessary and distracting thoughts from the mind.

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